Learning about English


Computer class.shutterstock_77123362Our primary school courses are designed mainly for students who are learning English as a second language, so they are frequency based to make learning as efficient as possible.

The main focus is on vocabulary acquisition, and on making sure students use the words correctly and naturally, but we also focus on collocations, proper usage, sentence structure and the rules of grammar. The quizzes cover reading, writing and listening skills.



Fast editing

Fast editing.shutterstock_130097864For almost a decade, we have provided fast, low-cost editing for many government departments and agencies, large corporations and translation companies. 

We have vast experience editing government and legal documents, annual reports, financial reports, proposals, press releases, school reports, scientific books and documents, and museum documents. 

We can provide 24-hour turnaround for most small projects. 


Govt writing courses

Learn.shutterstock_144037288We tailor make courses for individual departments, focusing on the topics, functions, structures and vocabulary common in your field. While grammar and vocabulary learning materials are available from many sources, three things make our courses different: (1) we make a lot of the information available in quick reference format; (2) we create a large number of quizzes to reinforce learning, with pre-tests and post-tests to help participants and management assess the effectiveness of the learning; and (3) we focus on topics and vocabulary specific to your department, including commonly misused terms.