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Free Press Background

From 1997 to 2013, Free Press, the owner of this website, published English practice and reference books, which were sold through major bookstores and used by over 250 secondary schools in Hong Kong.

From 2000 to the present, Free Press has been offering tailored courses and workshops to government, industry, schools and practising English teachers.

Since 2008, we have been providing editing and copywriting services for Hong Kong government departments and agencies, NGOs and businesses.

Since 2013, we have been providing interactive online English learning and practice materials for Hong Kong schools and organisations. 

Editing Expertise

We correct errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. We change words that are used incorrectly while being careful to retain the intended meaning. If we’re not sure of the intended meaning, we ask you. We rewrite awkward expressions, phrases and sentences. We recommend simpler or more common words in the comment bubbles to replace bigger or less common words to improve the readability of your documents and give a more natural tone.   

We are happy to provide explanations for changes we suggest in usage, sentence structure and word choice, as well as word use, punctuation and style.

We offer free proofreading of documents we have edited once your document layout is complete.

We also study the discourse of government documents around the world, particularly reports, so we can advise on content and style. Much of this analysis is relevant to company documents as well.

We have analysed and compared the most popular style manuals from both the US and the UK so we can prepare an in-house style manual for your organisation, which is particularly useful for consistent punctuation.  


Language: English

Cost: HK$0.35-0.40 per word depending on the complexity, volume and required turnaround time 

No minimum charge: We want to do ALL of your editing, so even if you have a 25-word message to send, the rate is the same. 

Coverage: Grammar, word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, style, clarity

Turnaround: 24 hours for jobs under 2000 words; 48 hours for under 10,000 words

Format: All documents edited using MS Word track changes

Free sample: Up to 300 words

Free service: Explanations for suggested changes, final proofreading once you have completed layout if you think there may have been changes


    Deadlines: We always meet mutually agreed deadlines. You will not be invoiced if we miss a deadline which we both agreed to.

    Satisfaction: We will rework your document until you are completely satisfied.

    Confidentiality: The only person who will see your document is the editor and his/her supervisor. 

Payment: Invoice emailed to you at the end of each month.

Main clients: Many Hong Kong government departments and agencies, listed companies, universities

Documents we have edited (also written in bold)

academic papers, accounting documents (vast range),  advertising, agreements, announcements, annual reports, annual plans, applications, biographies, books (biology, business, chemistry, computer, geology), booklets, brochures, captions, annual plans (one-year, five year), case studies, catalogues, circulars, courses, ebooks, email messages, employee profiles, e-news, exam questions, media factsheets, guidelines, human resources proposals, instructions, instruction manuals, leaflets, learning materials, legal documents (vast range), legislative proposals (vast range), Legco papers, letters (vast range), Master of Ceremony scripts, minutes, museum documents, newsletters, newspaper articles, notices, operation manuals, pamphlets, patent applications (mechanical, hydraulic), PhD theses (various disciplines), posters, practice circulars, presentations, press releases, product manuals, product releases, programme summaries, progress reports, promotional materials, proposals, recipes, reports (vast range), safety guidelines, safety manuals, seminar papers, signs, speeches, technical papers, tourism propotions, trade circulars, training manuals, TV scripts, user guides, video scripts, visit reports,  website articles

Free sample

For government departments and agencies, schools, non-government organisations and corporations, we would be pleased to edit a document of up to 300 words at no charge and with no obligation to use our services. Just send it to us as a MS Word document at freepress.editing@gmail.com and we will return it to you the following day using MS Word – Track Changes.

Chief Editor – Paul Paskewitz 


M.A. (Applied Linguistics) – University of Hong Kong

Post-graduate Certificate in Education (English) – University of Manitoba (Canada)

B.A. (English Literature) – University of Manitoba


Editor. Editing, as well as some speechwriting, copywriting and proofreading, for eight HK government departments and agencies, and many non-government organisations and businesses (April 2008 to the present); editor for two textbook publishers (1992 to 1996)

University lecturer. Teaching 2 to 5 courses a semester in the English Department at City University of HK – English for Business, Professional Communication, Accounting, Computing, Computer Research, Engineering, etc. (1995 to 2014)

Publisher. Owner of Free Press, publisher of English reference and practice books for secondary schools, offering 20 titles, selling 35,000-55,000 books a year in HK (1999 to 2013); currently providing interactive online courses for schools, government and business

Course designer/provider. Courses, seminars and workshops for business (speaking and writing), government (paper and report writing), tertiary institutions (reports, papers, minutes, newsletters), English teachers (LPATE prep), schools (2003 to the present)

Writer. English practice and reference books; corporate ebooks; online English learning and practice materials for schools and own company

Books authored. The Most Important 250 Adjectives: interactive online course (2014); Grammar and Interactive Functions (online, 2014); Three vocabulary booklets for Precise Publishing (2014); Reading Comprehension 1 (2011, online 2014); Reading Comprehension 2 (2011);The Vocabulary of Opposites, 2 eds (2000, 2008); Advanced Proofreading Strategies 1 (2010); Oral Practice 1 (2010); Issues 1 (2009); Issues 2 (2009); Issues 3 (2009); An Oral Handbook, 3 eds. (2009, 2007, 2000); Inversion Practice (2008, online 2014); Inversion quick-study guide (2008); Group Discussions–skills and functions (2008); M-C Cloze Advanced, 2 eds. (2009, 2003, online 2014); Cloze Summary Advanced, 4 eds. (2008, 2004, 2002, 1999, online 2014); M-C Cloze F4-5, 2 eds. (2008, 1998, online 2014); Proofreading Practice for Syl.A (2003); M-C Cloze for Syl. A (2002); Reading Comprehension and Usage (F4) (1995); Certificate Paper II Analysis (1997); Matching (F4-5), 2 editions (2003, 1997); Reading Comprehension & Usage (F5) (1995); Perception – Listening Test 2 (1995-co author)

Copywriting rate: Please contact us at paul@learningaboutenglish with job details and expectations so that we can give you a quotation.