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Teacher support   Pronunciation files for An Oral Handbook are on our website and Dropbox. We can also mail teachers a DVD on request. Teachers’ materials and answers for An Oral Handbook are available by email.

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Bulk order price list  Book Price list.9 Nov 2015

An Oral Handbook

        4/Ed, 165 pages + 24-page answer booklet (F4-6)

        Retail Price: $49 

M-C Cloze F4-5

        3rd Ed (113 pages)

        Retail price: $29  

Inversion quick-study guide

        (A4, 4 pages, laminated)

       Retail price: $9   

M-C Cloze F4-5 — HK$29

M-C ClozeF4-5.3Ed.2012

M-C Cloze F4-5 – Samples

An Oral Handbook – HK$49


An Oral Handbook – Table of contents
An Oral Handbook – Sample pages

Inversion quick-study guide – HK$9

Inversion QSG

The audio files for An Oral Handbook are below:










































TSA for Secondary 3 

This book is sold out and will not be reprinted. The audio files for the listening section are below.


TSA samples: TSA.sample
TSA Recordings

Sound engineer: Isaac Lau

Voice talent: Kelly Lavelle, Marvin Wallace, Paul Paskewitz

Practice Paper 1, Part 1

Practice Paper 1, Part 2

Practice Paper 1, Part 3

Practice Paper 2, Part 1

Practice Paper 2, Part 2

Practice Paper 2, Part 3

Practice Paper 3, Part 1

Practice Paper 3, Part 2

Practice Paper 3, Part 3

Practice Paper 4, Part 1

Practice Paper 4, Part 2

Practice Paper 4, Part 3

Practice Paper 5, Part 1

Practice Paper 5, Part 2

Practice Paper 5, Part 3