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5 August 2016

We now have 16 interactive books and courses, all converted to both Flash and HTML, so they can be used on all browsers, and on computers, tablets and smartphones, though many of the quizzes are not convenient on small-screen smartphones.

Subscriptions are available only to Hong Kong schools (minimum 30 students). The monthly cost is as low as HK$6 per student. We are back on the world-class iSpring LMS, so teachers have access to a broad range of reports on their students.  Here is the letter mailed to schools this week. Click on the blue links on page 1 to try the many free samples on our iSpring platform. We also have many free samples on this website, listed in the table below. Here is a detailed list of all the quizzes on the iSpring platform to help you keep track of the units you have assigned your students. 

  Course name Level Description Contents Quizzes (Quest.) Samples
1 Grammar with the first 500 words F1-2 Link Link 54 (1175) Quiz  Quiz  Quiz  Learning
2 The 250 Most Important Adjectives F1-4 Link Link 32 (958)  Learning    Quiz
 3 Vocabulary – level 5


 F1-4 Link  Link   a.3(100)

b.3 (62)

c.3 (47)

 Words 1-19

Learning    Pre-test

Quizzes     Post-test

Proofreading with hints  F2-5 Link  Link 75 (1100)  Word forms 1   WF 2

Book 2  Bk 3  Bk 4  Bk 5

5 Proofreading F3-4 F3-4 Link Link 55 (1194) Quizzes 1-2
6 Cloze and Cloze Summary F3-5 Link Link 44 (778) Quizzes 1-2   15-17   


7 Reading Comprehension 1 F3-5 Link Link  72 (598) 2.Reference questions
Listening with YouTube videos F3-6 Link Link 38 (790) 35.The Great Wall
9 Proofreading F4-5 F4-5 Link  Link 40 (951) Quizzes 1-2
10  M-C Cloze F4-5  F4-5  Link Link  40 (720) Quizzes 1-2    21-22
11  Inversion Practice  F4-6  Link  Link  38 (711) 1.There is   9.Prepositions
12  Vocabulary through the News F4-6  Link Link  27 (873) Quiz 6    Quiz 27
13  Oral Proofreading  F4-6  Link Link  9 (229) PR1    PR2
14  M-C Cloze Advanced F5-6  Link Link  30 (288) Quizzes 1-3
15  Cloze Summary Advanced   F6 Link  Link  7 (364) 1.The Liberal Arts